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The ❤️ Machine

Ft. Taylor Swift

The ❤️ Machine is a satire of contemporary fandom, where obsession is taken to the extreme. It imagines the different stages of falling in “love" with Taylor Swift:


Understanding her

body of work



Roleplaying as

Taylor Swift


Owning a piece

of her

Deep Dive


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a force of nature in the entertainment industry.


Her songs constantly hit number 1 on the charts; she leaves a trail of famous ex-boyfriends and celebrity enemies. Both fans and non-fans just cannot get enough of her.

While her lyrics are famous for being very specific yet relatable, she is also notoriously famous for her iron fist. She is nigh ruthless when it comes to her business, image, and music. No critics went unaddressed, no ex-boyfriends were left undisclosed, no music video and member of her #girlsquad is imperfect. Her life is a constant labor for her work.

So who exactly is Taylor Swift? A businesswoman? A musician? A reputation-obsessed celebrity?

The following visualizations are an attempt to obsessively analyze Taylor Swift's body of work, both as a musician/artist and a PR maestra.

Part 1. Musicality

This graph shows all of her singles, their keys, beats per minute, genres, & chart positions. Note how she steadily evolved her genre (from country to pop to electronic) and become a mainstay in the charts.

These are all of the words she used in her lyrics, and size corresponds to frequency.


Ms. Swift largely sings about her personal relationships ("I", "you", "we", "me"). Notably, she does not use thematic words like "love" or "baby" as much as telling a story (notice the frequency of "back" and "when").

Part 2. Lyricism

Part 3. Famous Relations

A public feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Supermodel #girlsquad. Celebrity ex-boyfriends.


This is Taylor Swift's relationship map. The more famous ones on Instagram & Twitter are bigger in size. Note how less famous her exes are compared to her, and how her enemies' fame compare to hers.


Part 4. Cultural Prominence

Love her or hate her, she is a cultural mainstay and she is not going anywhere from your feed.

The following graph shows Taylor's cultural prominence via mention-count by The New York Times. Other celebrities' mention-count are put for comparison.

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