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Soul Drop

Created for Fall’18 "Big Screens" class taught in NYU ITP.

Premiered at ITP Big Screens 2018 show.

A video & live-performance piece developed for IAC's 120-ft-long video wall in West Chelsea, NYC.


Concept Development

Motion Design & Production

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Brandon Kazen-Maddox

Ella Chung

Haiyi Huang

Gavin Knittle

Hiroka Nagai

Liviya England

Production Process

We wanted the visual component of the piece as an integral part of the performance rather than just a backdrop. And to fully take advantage of the size of the screen to create emotional impact and visual contrast, we wanted to experiment with something that people typically wouldn't see at a large scale.


We were inspired by some beautiful ink drop footage we found and felt that its organic quality and temporality match with our concept of showing the ephemerality of life. Hence we narrated the story through ink drops.

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