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Magic Windows | Alice in AR Wonderland (W4)

The Concept

We (Ridwan and I) wanted to tell the story Alice in Wonderland for this assignment, because it’s a whimsical story and we can potentially do fun interactions with the story.

For context, here’s a short version of the story (that I can remember):

Alice follows a rabbit through a rabbit hole, and she arrives at this Wonderland. She drinks some potions, gets bigger and smaller til she can get through the door. She meets Cheshire Cat, has a tea party, etc. She arrives at Queen of Hearts’ court but gets accused for playing a prank on her. Chaos ensues, she escapes, and wakes up from a dream.


We planned to have 3 scenes:

  1. Alice walking in the forest

  2. Alice being accused by Queen of Hearts for stealing

  3. Alice running away from the Card Soldiers

Ridwan made the assets in Fuse & Mixamo, and I built scene 1 & 3.


Scene 1

I downloaded tree prefabs from the Asset Store. I attached it to a spawner script and translate the spawned trees across the Z-axis. Then I imported Alice onto the scene and attached a walking loop. There’s no interaction whatsoever in this first scene.


Scene 3

For scene 3, we wanted to simulate (1) the Card Soldier looking for Alice and (2) Alice running away from him.

We attached LookAtMe script to the soldier, so that he would always face Alice, and add a distance calculator. Once the distance is close enough, the running sequence is activated and Alice would run away with the Soldier chasing after her.

I noticed that when I added trees around the soldiers, they would disappear once I moved my phone a little bit. Not sure what the cause of the error is.



In this assignment I've become more comfortable in adding more interaction between GameObjects in Unity. Here are the list of explorations that I would like to do if we had more time:

  1. Since the entire plot is about Alice dreaming about everyday things (rabbit, teacup, cards), it would be interesting to use/incorporate real objects as image targets. One idea is to use real playing card and attach the soldier model not perpendicularly to the image target but lying on it, so that it would look like limbs and face come out of the card.

  2. Play with the size of the model, for the scene where Alice drinks potions to get big and small.

  3. Play more with physics! I did some tests and gravity and collision do work in Vuforia AR. So maybe I could create a falling scene where Alice actually falls in the environment.

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