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Project Development Studio | Week 1 | Project Definition


The ultimate goal is to create a new participatory form of performance art, amplified and/or powered by the new behaviors shaped by social sharing on the internet. Digital actions like commenting, liking, watching, or clicking would have immediate physical affects on the performance and/or the performer. The performance would then become an experiment on crowd sourcing and democratic model of decision-making, as the content of the performance would rely completely on the fingers of the viewers. How long until crowd-sourcing (democracy) descends into anarchy?


There would be 02 parts of the performance: digital and physical.

Digitally, the performance would be facilitated by live-streaming function on Facebook / Twitter. There would be a program that parse digital actions (comment, like, etc) in real time and turn it into serial data.

Physically, there would be a setup for the performer (properly lit and all) with a camera for the live-stream, and a physical contraption. The performer's head would be inside the contraption/cage, and there would be doors connecting the cage with various items/bugs. The data from the live-stream would be used to open/close these doors.


  • Chrome extension / a stand-alone program on Mac that parses comments and other digital reactions on a livestream page on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram, and turn it into serial data.

  • A mini cage / gladiator arena with digitally controllable doors

  • A live-streamed performance of 30-60 mins. Performer: me.


  • Week 2-4: write program that could parse digital interactions on a live-stream.

  • Week 5: more program functionality -> turn the parsed data into serial data and pass it to a microcontroller

  • Week 6-8: build the physical contraption

  • Week 9-10: testing and live performance


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