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ICM | Final Project | Concept

I want my final projects this semester to revolve around celebrity & fandom culture. I am particularly interested in examining pop musicians as artists, brands that fans / the public "consume", and as business people.

I decided to focus on Taylor Swift because of several reasons:

  • She's one of the best selling musician in contemporary pop music.

  • She makes a ton of money.

  • She is famous for being overly calculative of her work and her public image, yet she is also famous for writing amazingly relatable and personal songs.

  • She is one of the most prominent and influential celebrity in this decade, both in terms of cultural and industry impact.


While PComp final project is about satirizing the fandom/obsession culture (what happens when you have Taylor Swift, who is mostly out of your reach, in a box that you can carry everywhere?), for ICM, I want to scrutinize Ms. Swift's body of work.

Who is she as an artist? What kind of music does she release to the public? What is her art about? How does she control her marketing narrative? What kind of impact does Taylor Swift have on our society?


The project will take form in a single scrollable web page, that hosts several visualizations of different aspects of Taylor Swift's work.

My reference is The Universe of Miles Davis by

The visualizations will consist of the following:


  • Title

  • Year Released

  • Album

  • BPM

  • Chord

  • Lyrics

  • Chart Performance

  • Views on Youtube

  • Music Video's color histogram

  • Music Video's color average

  • Associated ex boyfriend


  • Title

  • Year Released

  • Chart Performance

  • Sales


  • Total Earnings by year

Public Image

  • NYT & Wikipedia mentions by year

  • NYT & Wikipedia mentions by category

  • Ex boyfriends by year


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