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NYUTV Graphics & Animation


Event Posters

NYUTV broadcasts various (if not all) events/happenings within the NYU campus. Often, these events do not have their own poster.


These are some of the custom posters I designed for the events.


NYU Votes Promo

To encourage NYU students who were first-time voters to participate in the midterm elections, NYU TV released several FAQ videos. I created custom icons and composed the animations.


Opening Slate Revamp

NYUTV had a plain, generic template that they used as the opening slate for the videos they upload to Vimeo and other channels.


My goals in revamping the slate are:

  • Make the first frame thumbnail-ready and self-explanatory

  • Inject a fresher personality while maintaining NYUTV branding

  • Make a template that can be greatly varied for different content type, yet still look coherent with the overall branding

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