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Machine Learning Music Experiments

The experiments were done for Fall ’18 Generative Music class in NYU ITP. 


Duet with

Shimomura Bot

Shimomura Bot is an interactive bot you can have a duet with! The bot is trained by using an LSTM neural network, on Yoko Shimomura's body of work.

Tech Stack

Python, ml5.js, p5.js, Tone.js


Interpolated Melodies (IM) Sequencer

IM Sequencer interpolates 2 melodies into 8 different sequences, each tile its own loop. Tiles adjacent to each other are similar melodically.

Because of the melodic similarities, playing several adjacent tiles in or out of phase create interesting sound textures!


ml5.js, p5.js, Tone.js, MusicVAE.js

read on GitHub

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