AR Typographic Sculpting

2018, ARKit, Unity, C#, OpenType.js

AR Typographic Sculpting was made for Fall’18 "Computational Approaches to Typography" and "Magic Windows and Mixed-Up Realities" taught in NYU ITP.


Inspiration: Zach Lieberman’s work with typography & @transform3D_
More on technical development here,
 or see the Github repository.


What if graffiti was collaborative and 3D?


AR adds an additional layer to spaces that we inhabit. A good AR experience, in my opinion, should be grounded on the ways we inhabit spaces. There should be an element of physicality, locality, and community.


AR Typographic Sculpting is a location-specific, collaborative sculpting experience. Users can three-dimensionally morph (sculpt) letterforms of location names by selecting a vertex and move it around by physically moving around their device. The app automatically saves the morphed coordinates to a database, so that the sculpture maintains its modified shape over time

Initial design of the app

As of now, there is a single view mode, in which the letterforms become tracks for neon lights.​


For future iterations, there are some areas I would like to improve:

  1. Blurring or darkening of camera feed.

  2. An onboarding screen where the user is prompted to detect a plane

  3. Animation for spawning the letterforms

  4. Different view modes. Explore the poetic expressions of an AR sculpture. Physics, particle systems, locally unique data, etc.

Hafiyyandi | Creative Technologist

New York, New York |