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AR Typographic Sculpting

AR Typographic Sculpting was made for Fall’18 "Computational Approaches to Typography" and "Magic Windows and Mixed-Up Realities" taught in NYU ITP.

Collaborate on a site-specific typographic AR sculpture, aka 3D graffiti!



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Interaction Designer

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Tech Stack

Unity ARKit, C#, OpenType.js, Node.js, MongoDB

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A good AR experience should be grounded by the ways we inhabit and utilize spaces.


My goal is to hit these 3 goals:

  1. Physicality: App should invite users to move around space

  2. Locality: Experience should be unique for each location

  3. Community: Encourage collaboration

Artboard 1-80.jpg

How it Works

Every location saved in the app is assigned a 'typographic sculpture' of its address. Users can move the sculpture's points to create a local, collaborative AR graffiti.


More on GitHub

The app was built on Unity ARKit & a Node server. Once the app detects a plane and gets a location, it initializes a series of dots that create the form of the typographic sculpture.


After users move the dots/points, the app then normalizes the new coordinates into translations (delta) and automatically saves it into a database.

ar typo chart.png


Things in real life don’t just “appear” out of nowhere. AR experiences need to take into account these real-life behaviors. While not fully implemented, the design also included more naturalistic animation & informative notifications.

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